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Cube Series Debuts Light-Weight Foldable Camper at RVDA


The Cube Series truck camper – an ultra-light-weight folding entry into the market – made its debut at the RV Dealers Association (RVDA) meeting in Las Vegas this week (Nov. 8-11).

A towable unit featuring the same foldable technology is in the works and will be available in 2022.

Bend, Ore.-based Cube Series was co-founded by Rick Wise and Joe Orr, a pair of former auto-industry veterans. Wise was the general manager of a Toyota dealership before moving into a role at All Seasons RV & Marine in Bend in 2011. Orr was the general manager of a Honda dealership before becoming a business consultant and co-owner at Studio Meraki and Turbo Painting.

Wise said when he entered the RV industry he noticed that there were few campers available for a small or mid-sized pickup.

“There was nothing in the way of a camper that went on like a Tacoma, a Chevy Colorado, a Nissan Frontier, a Ford Ranger,” Wise said. “Anything that was available had the cantilevered bed that went over the top of it, and it was canvas. So we came up with a hard-sided, folding camper. It’s all fiberglass and aluminum. It’s completely waterproof and it comes in at less than 1,200 pounds.”

The new unit fits on any standard small or mid-sized pickup and all the tiedowns are on the inside of the bed.

The towable will come in at 16 feet in length and weigh less than 1,600 pounds.

“It can be pulled by a Prius, or by a Subaru Forester, or a Jeep Wrangler,” Wise said.

Both employ a patent-pending folding technology that allows the units to collapse to roughly a third of their “open” size for ease of towing.

“Power actuators put the two sides up – the load-bearing walls – and then the two inside walls are just pushed up manually and lock into place,” Wise said.

It appears it was a good move for Wise to debut the Cube Series at RVDA.

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