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Pop-Up Vs Teardrop Camper: Which Is Right For You?


When it comes to lightweight campers, you want to pick one that perfectly suits your camping needs. With hundreds of lightweight models on the market, it is important to take your travel schedule, region, camping habits, and group size into account as you venture into the world of travel campers. On top of this, campers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own amenities and benefits. Distinguishing between the different varieties of camper and understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each is an important part of choosing the right camper for you!

The Teardrop Vs. The Pop-Up
When it comes to lightweight camper trailers, there are two prevailing camper types: the teardrop camper and the pop-up camper. Both carry the benefit of providing an upgrade from tent-camping, while still being more lightweight than a full-sized or hybrid trailer. This allows for better ease of transport, as well as reduced fuel usage for your vehicle. From there, however, the two lightweight camper types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Campers are an investment, so it is important that you be conscientious and take these into consideration before making a decision to purchase.

Pros of The Pop-Up Camper

  • Cost-Effective: As a general rule, the pop-up camper is the most cost-effective option amongst campers. Because of this, it is a perfect option for small families or groups desiring an enhanced camping experience, but with a smaller budget. 
  • Beginner Friendly: The pop-up variety of campers are a great starting point for those who are seeking an introduction to the world of campers and RVs! 
  • Efficient Usage of Space: Pop-up campers, well, pop-up! Because they can be collapsed, they can be easily stored in a variety of home locations such as your garage or driveway. 
  • But Still Luxurious: Looking to upgrade your camper, but don’t want to purchase a cumbersome full or hybrid-size? Cube Series offers the durable, waterproof, yet still lightweight Cube Series Next Generation Camper!

Cons of the Pop-Up Camper

  • Exposure to The Elements: The majority of pop-campers on the market today use a tent-like canvas lining, making them more susceptible to rain and snow than a more heavyweight camper or trailer. Note: this issue is avoided with the Cube Series Next Generation Camper’s canvas-free, hard-sided camper is made of aluminum, resilient composites, alloys, and renewable resources.
  • Set-Up Time: Pop-up campers need to be collapsed and put back up, adding time to your trip.

Pros of the Teardrop Camper

  • Aesthetic: The teardrop camper; a classic of recreational vehicle design. First introduced in the 1930’s and popularized after World War II, the teardrop is to many the archetypal camper silhouette. 
  • The “Teardrop” Shape: Past being just aesthetically pleasing, actually provides an aerodynamic advantage. The curved ship moves fluidly through the air, making hauling it less fuel intensive than a more clunky shaped camper.
  • Convenient: Unlike the pop-up camper, the teardrop camper need not be taken down or put up; just load it up and you’re set to go!

Cons of the Teardrop Camper

  • More Expensive: Relative to your average pop-up camper, teardrop campers are typically a little more expensive.
  • The Teardrop Shape: Both a pro, and a con? While the shape makes for great aerodynamics, it can be awkward to stand in and walk around. 
  • Difficult to Store: When not in use, you will need to find a space large enough to accommodate your teardrop camper.

In Conclusion

Both the pop-up and teardrop camper are great lightweight camper options. Both can easily be the home-away-from-home that campers desire, given their respective pros and cons. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your specific wants and needs, and your desired camper experience. Check out our “Camper” page, to learn more about the Cube Series innovative and lightweight camper option!

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