Cube Series Campers: The Best in Rivian Accessories

If you’re an outdoor lover or automobile enthusiast, you’ve probably heard the buzz around Rivian. Their new fleet of trucks and SUVs promises to push past all existing assumptions about what all-electric vehicles are capable of. On or off-road, Rivian looks like a promising new option for people who love to leave the beaten track in their rearview mirrors. But because the Rivian R1T truck is a compact model, many traditional truck campers won’t fit the smaller design. Luckily, the Cube Series Truck Camper has arrived to become one of the leading Rivian accessories. 

Lightweight and Maneuverable

The Cube Series Truck Camper may as well have been tailor-made for Rivian trucks. Fiberglass technology makes our all-new four seasons camper unbelievably lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about draining your Rivian R1T’s battery with additional weight. Our camper weighs in at around 1,200 pounds, vastly undercutting the average 2,600 pounds you see with most other campers. The camper is hard-sided and power-folding, making both transit and set-up a breeze. When it comes to Rivian accessories, you can’t go wrong with the Cube Series Truck Camper. 

The First and Only Solar Camper

One of the best things about our Rivian accessory truck camper is that it goes hand-in-hand with the best in eco-friendly initiatives. When you buy a Rivian truck, you’re doing your part to help cut down on fossil fuels without sacrificing freedom or mobility. The Cube Series Camper has risen to the task of upholding those values, becoming the only RV with solar options built right into the roof with its optional Solar Cap. 

The 600W solar panel will keep you charged throughout all your adventures without ever having to worry about refilling a gas-burning generator. Plus, the Cube solar camper brings you the durability you can rely on out in the wilderness. Our rugged solar panel can withstand up to 400 pounds of roof storage and is strong enough to walk on any time you want to climb up for a better view of the sunset. With unlimited solar energy at your fingertips, you can focus on enjoying the outdoors rather than worrying about where you’ll get your next charge.

Make Camping Look Good

Of course, another great thing about the new line of electric trucks is their sleek and stylish appearance, so it only makes sense that you’d want your Rivian accessories to match. Luckily, the Cube camper secures inside the bed of your pick-up truck, so you won’t have to deal with a mess of exposed and unsightly ties. Unlike bulky traditional campers, Cube is simple, portable, and streamlined for ease of use and an attractive finish. Getting out into the beauty of nature no longer requires ugly and unwieldy equipment.

We know that when you love the outdoors, you never want to be held back or distracted by the technology that’s supposed to help you explore. That’s why our Cube Series Truck Camper is the best accessory for the new frontier in electric trucks. We believe in keeping our campers as versatile, hard-working, and eco-friendly as Rivian’s electric vehicles. Whether you’re a weekend camper or living your best vanlife, Cube is an excellent fit for you and your new Rivian truck.

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